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Hyperforin exhibits significant antidepressant activity.1 Biochemical research
demonstrates that hyperforin - like many prescription antidepressants - inhibits
the reuptake of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine.2
All three of these compounds are naturally found in the brain and regulate mood
and emotion. They are called "neurotransmitters" because they are chemical
messengers that transmit information between nerve cells. An imbalance of
serotonin, norepinephrine, and/or dopamine can cause depression. By acting as
a "reuptake inhibitor", hyperforin increases the levels of these neurotransmitters
in the brain, which can improve mood and restore emotional balance.3,4
Hyperforin also inhibits the reuptake of GABA, a neurotransmitter that increases
relaxation and reduces anxiety.

Hyperforin is not a drug, but a natural compound extracted from the St. John's
wort (Hypericum perforatum) plant. Only in the past few years have researchers
discovered that hyperforin is the primary compound responsible for the
antidepressant effect of St. John's Wort.5 The ability of any St. John's Wort extract
to relieve depression depends mainly on its hyperforin content.

In other words, only St. John's Wort extracts with significant amounts of hyperforin
are effective. This fact was confirmed by a clinical trial, involving 147 patients with
depression, which compared placebo to two different St. John's Wort extracts with
varying amounts of hyperforin. One extract contained only 0.5% hyperforin, the
concentration found in most brands sold in the United States. The other extract
was standardized to provide 5% hyperforin, the clinically-proven potency found in
AMORYN and pharmaceutical-grade European St. John's Wort. (Aside from
hyperforin content, the two extracts were identical. Both extracts were
standardized to contain 0.3% hypericin, the compound previously thought to be
the active constituent in SJW.) The 5% extract was found to effectively relieve
depression, but the 0.5% was ineffective and performed no better than placebo.6
This study demonstrates the importance of choosing a St. John's Wort extract
that, like AMORYN's, is standardized to contain a high concentration of hyperforin.

An extensive body of research, consisting of over 30 controlled clinical trials,
proves the effectiveness of hyperforin-rich St. John's Wort extract for relieving
depression.2,7,8,9,10 Because most studies used extracts containing at least
3% hyperforin, this research does not apply to SJW extracts without a
standardized quantity of hyperforin (such as those commonly sold
"over-the-counter" in the United States). In fact, a recent study found that
hyperforin, in high daily doses, is superior to the prescription drug paroxetine
(Paxil®) as a treatment for even severe depression.11

Furthermore, clinical research suggests that adverse side effects occur less
frequently with hyperforin than prescription antidepressants.7,9 For instance,
although hyperforin was shown to relieve severe depression at least as well as
Paxil®, patients taking hyperforin reported 42% fewer side effects.11 And
hyperforin rarely causes weight gain or sexual dysfunction, side effects common
with popular prescription drugs. Few natural remedies are backed by as much
scientific evidence as hyperforin, so please feel free to review the clinical
research for yourself.

Unfortunately, few St. John's wort products contain a standardized amount of
hyperforin. You never know what you're getting when you buy a SJW product off
the shelf. While some brands contain enough hyperforin to improve mood, most
contain little or none. In fact, a recent study tested eight brands sold in the United
States and found that only two contained more than 1% hyperforin. In other
words, high-quality SJW extracts are proven to be an effective treatment for
depression and anxiety, but most SJW products on the market are virtually
worthless because they contain very little hyperforin. This fact motivated the
scientists at BioNeurix Corporation to develop AMORYN.

AMORYN contains the highest quality St. John's wort extract in the world,
standardized to 3-5% hyperforin. AMORYN's pharmaceutical-grade SJW extract is
the same one prescribed in Europe for depression and used by researchers in
clinical trials. Each dose (two capsules) of "potency assured" AMORYN contains
45mg of hyperforin (from 900mg of St. John's wort extract with 5% hyperforin or
1500mg with 3% hyperforin), so you can be sure that you're receiving the optimal

The graph below shows the results of AMORYN's high hyperforin content and
industry-leading quality-control standards: More than three out of four AMORYN
users say that AMORYN is superior to other products containing St. John's Wort.
Order now to harness the healing potential of hyperforin.

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