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My Languages: A bit of English and German
Religion: Christian
Education: B.A.
Occupation: Model
Appearance: Striking
Smoke: No
Drink: Never
Birth Date: 5/30/1984 (mm/dd/YYYY)
Height: 5 ft 8 inch (172 cm)
Weight: 103 lbs (46 kg)
Build: petite I am right-handed
Eyes: green Hair: blonde
Glasses or contact lenses: No
Marital: Divorced and I have children /1 male
Want's more children? Yes
How many would you like to have? 1
She is located in Zhitomir branch!

What I do in my leisure time?
reading we can travel to faraway unknown countries not even
leaving a bedroom. However, certainly I love to travel and I take
lessons in singing. I enjoy reading. I think that due to discover
everything in real life. I love spending time with my friends.
When often I am busy with work, I in lack of communication, so
my friends help me to relax and I also feel needed. That is also
one of the reasons why I miss my soul mate so much. I need a
man who will be with me all my life, will support me and
communicate with me, share opinions, take decisions together...
What I’m also fond of is dancing and going to theatres. I love to
see people acting on the stage. And also talk to them after the
play and see how completely different they are.

The type of man that I desire:
Well, that’s a rather difficult question to answer. I have always
wanted to meet a man who is kind. It’s not that easy to find such
a man and that’s why it’s so important for me. He is also
intelligent and can communicate on different topics. His interests
are many-sided. That’s a kind of man with whom it’s not boring to

My future goals are:
My aim is to find a worthy man and become independent and
successful with him.

About my family:
I was born in Zhitomir, though it a small city, I like it a lot. I have
an older sister Oksana who is thirty. I live with my parents. I also
have a little rabbit at home.

My typical day:
I wake up at 7 o’clock, have breakfast, and go for a walk with my
child. In the second half of the day I attend the fitness club. In the
evening I meet my friends. But sometimes my ordinary life takes
unexpected turns.

Domestic abilities:
Most of all I like to do ironing.

Our personal opinion of this Lady:
The lady has a striking appearance, she is very beautiful, has a
tender voice, delicate figure and extremely charming eyes;
pleasant in communication, good listener and talker.
Hello, my friend
love and I try to find it.
who has intensions to create a happy family?
If yes, you can find me here
Have a nice day


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