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YOURVIDA is a composition of different linguistic lineage.
It represents an osmotic knowledge achieved by an ancestral
transmission and studies through Europe.The work developed for
more than 20 years is based on phisical and spiritual treatement,
working together.An individual personality is a contribuit to the
universe health or disease.The holistic view give us the real dimension
of what we may win.
Spirituality as i see it is a born capacity to create interior.Mind
and heart having deep and clear friendship conversation,all human being
are a wonderfull promisse coming real even against the fear will.        
The support reason to look for help is pollution...some have done a true
sacrifice before and during the open conscience mind and those do have
increase responsability to make others living.
On a condition way my work is the totality human life search and practise
to return the born advantages by cure development on all matters(social,
economic,health,love etc).People must be aware,know that creation is a
mind,spirit and emocional composition.
All that is needed for those who lost,feeling desorder, is someone to
give right direction.
Succintly i release disharmony.Problems are created to be solved, as the
plan of our lifes is not understood problems come to give the
oppurtunity to change.
Since we awaked,step by step we start to live with new free sensation as it is
patented  by quantic discover.
If you have special curiosity on what kind of events are coming your way
and which are the oppurtunities to change and or increase good and bad,
contact us.
Astrology issues,health issues,love issues,business issues:
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You will make a connection with someone who is unique by getting involved in an event or an group, the
more you will learn.

If you do the unexpected, you will have a far greater chance of getting what you want. Stick to your story
but don't exaggerate. Gossip will lead to trouble. Be sure to check everything at home before going out.

Take everyone by storm and elaborate about what it is you want to do next. You will get some responses
you don't like but they will make you think things through a little better, leaving less room for error.

You may be questioned about financial matters. Do whatever you can to rid yourself of debts. The
stress you are feeling is not necessary if you deal with problems head-on.

You can make some very favorable changes at home. An investment is looking quite lucrative. Debts
can be collected or paid and you will discover a new source of income. A sudden change in your status
is apparent.

Your mind will be on getting ahead but that isn't likely to go over well with your family. Pay attention to
your personal responsibilities if you want things to run smoothly. A little family outing or a short trip
should be scheduled.

Begin by working on yourself today. Get into a routine to better maintain looking and feeling good. Get
out with people you find inspiring and intellectually challenging. Good ideas will crop up.

You may not realize what's going on in your own back yard today. Take a closer look at what family and
neighbors are up to. Don't make important decisions if it isn't necessary. Take time to think about your

Take any opportunity you get to discuss your plans with friends, relatives or colleagues. A partnership
you are in may not be as solid as you think. Secure your position financially before you move forward.

Plan something social but don't go overboard financially. You'll be surprised what a good time you can
organize for a pittance. If someone thinks you are being cheap, rethink that relationship.

Your ability to get your point across will be appreciated even if others are not in agreement with you.
You can be persuasive when you put your mind to it. A problem with authority figures or red tape
matters may arise.

You can count on someone who has befriended you to cover your back today. You should be able to
address money matters and clear up any problems. Focus on your talent and you will find a way to make
extra cash.
compatibility and more... my  name dr pedro

Are you searching for love with the perfect mate? The Adult Compatibility pages will point you in the right direction.

Do you want to know what events are coming your way? Keep up with your Daily, Weekly, Monthly Horoscopes

Do you have personal issues, questions and emotions that you want to know the answers to? You will find your
answers here at yourvida Astrology, either with the free in-depth zodiac signs information posted or personalized
information in your own low cost Astrology chart interpretations.

Were you born on the Cusp?  Being born on the Cusp makes you a unique personality, with your ruling signs and
When reading the generalized Zodiac signs as found on this or other sites, or books, always read the reference for
BOTH signs to better understand the inner feelings of those born on a cusp and you will see what I mean.

If you really want to know the truth about yourself or others then you have found the right place. No phony build
up---just the truth about your sign.

Our adult astrology compatibility area covers all known matches for your Zodiac sign while the child/parent area
covers each sign and element of your child and enables you to better direct your children's behaviour.

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