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Good afternoon,

Today, President Obama signed into law the most sweeping reforms of our financial system since the
Great Depression and the strongest consumer protections in history.

We've put together a video that walks through what the bill means for the American people:

Here are a few highlights:

There's now a single agency responsible for looking out for consumers: the Bureau for Consumer
Financial Protections. Instead of seven agencies dealing with these issues part-time, one agency will
be in charge of establishing clear rules of the road for banks, mortgage companies, payday lenders
and credit card lenders.
Mortgage brokers won't make a higher commission by selling people mortgages that they can't afford.
This was a major factor in the recent housing crisis. Now brokers and banks have to take into
consideration a borrower's ability to repay before giving a home loan.
You’ll be able to get a free credit score if you’re denied a loan, an apartment, or a job because of your
credit, so you won’t be turned down without knowing why. Right now, you get one free credit report a
year, but you can’t see your credit score for free, even if a lender or employer rejects your application
because you have bad credit.
No more bailing out banks with our tax dollars, no more "too big to fail." If a company's in trouble
because of risky gambles, it will have to liquidate -- and do so before it can take down the rest of the
financial system.
To learn more and watch the video, head over to

Yesterday, under pressure from the President, the Senate overcame a partisan minority and took an
important step toward passing an extension of unemployment insurance. We need to keep the
pressure on to ensure that there are no more delays and that this assistance gets to our friends and
neighbors who lost their jobs during this crisis as soon as possible.

Their struggles are a staggering reminder of how much damage has been done and how many families
have had it so tough for so long now -- in no small part due to reckless greed and irresponsibility
hundreds or thousands of miles away on Wall Street.

The problem was that year after year, decade after decade, Wall Street gained more and more power
in Washington, and they and their allies in Congress fought with everything they had to derail these
reforms -- but this time there was a President who fought back, and this time they lost.

Let me tell you something: This President has been fighting for the middle class since Day 1. He stood
strong for the Recovery Act that's created or saved 3 million jobs and cut taxes for 95 percent of
working families. He fought tooth and nail against the insurance companies to pass health reform
after seven previous presidents failed. And now the middle class has won out over the Wall Street

Wall Street reform is a big deal -- and it's only the latest major step forward for the American people.


Joe Biden
Vice President

P.S.  If you've made it this far, I know you're interested in Wall Street reform. Check out the video, and
share it with folks who might find it helpful:

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is clear that it Africamaat Europe and especially France which is indebted. "Debt" is not African but
European, especially French: slavery raids négrières, colonialism, neocolonialism, françafrique,
The colonization of Africa's objectives include the exploitation of raw materials of the continent,
transformed the mainland (NB. Africamaat accustomed to avoid the word "mother" and prefers
"hexagonal France), allowed the satisfaction needs it and enrich its business, while providing these
important markets. If the number of separatist leaders have questioned the "colonial pact", the
French government has done everything to thwart these claims and gradually create the institutional
conditions for the maintenance of economic tutelage on the newly independent states and thus
preserve the sources of supply of French companies. "Our policy is one that safeguards our interests
and reflects reality. What are our interests? Our interest is the free oil and gas that we have
discovered or that we will find "De Gaulle, September 5, 1961. Then as now, there is a close
association between top management and the French financial oligarchy: the politician and

The perpetuation of the "colonial pact" based since 1960: the last head of the African leaders loyal to
France and share it with the rent linked to development aid and the plundering of natural resources
agreements Economic, financial and monetary that link France with its former colonies (more than
political agreements, military and defense), agreements on strategic raw materials (oil, uranium,
phasphate ...) providing exclusive access to French firms the prices of commodities set by France,
below world prices, aid called "linked" the France of financing development projects, provided that
their implementation falls to French companies, the CFA franc, which allows control the monetary
policies of countries in the franc zone, interventions more or less direct when French interests are
threatened: the assassination of Olympio in Togo in 1963 who wanted to leave the franc zone. Coup
d'etat against Amani Diori in Niger in 1974 who wanted to upgrade the
uranium price. Financing the war in Congo - Brazzaville in 1997 and reversal of Lissouba who would
renegotiate the price of oil, African economies specialized in the export of raw materials with no
processing on site, capturing African markets through the Plans of IMF structural adjustment that lead
to release of economies, the signing of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the EU that
support open borders to European products sometimes with EU grants (unfair competition).

The spiral of debt that is managed by the "Paris Club" (NB. It is clear that it Africamaat Europe and
especially France which is indebted. "Debt" is not African but European and especially French:
slavery raids négrières, colonialism, neocolonialism, françafrique, Mafiafrique)

"Economically, France did not need Africa?

Contrary to the statement by Nicolas Sarkozy, Africa represents a significant part in the French foreign
trade. The figures, African = 5.5% of exports and 4.5% of French imports, do not have a global vision to
measure the importance of Africa to French companies. The volume of trade does not, for example,
account profitability. Thus in 2000, French companies have made nearly as much profit on exports to
Africa (40 billion) as exports to the USA (50 billion francs) for an export volume four times lower (150
billion francs against 600). The cost would be only 5% in drinking water, once highly profitable, but 13
to 15% in electricity and 20 to 25% in telecommunications.

Sarkozy's team to conquer the African market.

The sale, headed by Nicolas Sarkozy, a nuclear reactor to Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, the
inauguration of a new oil platform in Congo Total Alain Joyandet, or visit Nicolas Sarkozy in Angola
(May 2008) have marked the "business diplomacy". Largest producer of crude oil African fifth largest
producer of diamonds, Angola with more than 24% growth in 2007 is without doubt Nicolas Sarkozy, a
partner of choice for France. Around the President on official visit, a delegation of "diplomatic"
composed of a string of major employers from signing contracts for a prey to the French, very
diverse: Total oil, Thales for telecommunications, Castel and brasseries. Also the trip: Societe
Generale, Air France and of course the Bollore group.

The heavyweights Cac 40 or larger fortunes of France were present in Africa: B. Arnault (LVMH),
Bouygues, Bolloré, Pinault (CFAO), Seilliere (Bureau Veritas), J. Saade (CMA-CGM), R. Zaleski (Eramet),
Lafarge, Total, Technip, Vinci, Veolia, Bnp Paribas, Natixis, Credit Agricole, Alcatel, Gaz de France,
Michelin, Alstom, Air France-KLM, ... the list is not exhaustive that it would add merchants weapons
for example.
Mrs president Obama like Roosvelvet help french part of Africa to bee free make pression to French
goverment to not interfer in democratic election

Monte Dei Paschi was cut to "underweight" from "equalweight" at Morgan Stanley.

Finmeccanica 3Q net income seen at E126m (E30m last year) on revenues of E3.17bln (E2.8bln).

Media: Seat-Pagine Gialle (-4.26% to E0.35) closed at a 3-month relative low against the S&P/MIB.

Amplifon target price was cut to E4.2 from E5.8 at Citigroup.
Sonova Holding 1H net income rose to SF107.4m (SF115m expected) from SF102.2m on revenues up
18% YoY to SF596.3m (SF578m expected) compared to SF504.2m. The Co sees FY organic growth
above 10%.

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise 3Q results expected.

Holcim: the Co's unit, Holcim Indonesia, plans to borrow $195m from an affiliate and banks to repay

Huber & Suhner 3Q sales expected.

Technology: Oerlikon (+7.55% to SF641) closed at a 3-month relative high against the SMI.

Personal & Household Goods: Swatch Group (-1.78% to SF317.75) closed at a 3-month relative low
against the SMI.

Roche target price was cut to SF212 from SF235 at Citigroup.
In the US, Nokia's ADR closed 2.31% below its European equivalent.

Global Geo Services EGM.

Orexo AB EGM re share issue.

Basic Resources: Rautaruukki (-3.12% to E35.36) closed at a 3-month relative low against the OMXH.

Insurance: Storebrand (-3.1% to NOK68.8) reached a new 3-month relative low against the OBX.

Telecommunications: Teliasonera (+2.06% to SEK62) closed at a 3-month relative high against the OMX
Stockholm 30.

Carlsberg target price was cut to DK735 vs DK740 at Citigroup.

Vestas target price was raised to DK485 from DK360 at Deutsche Bank.
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