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Sunday, Aug 31st, 2008 -- When we think of the Moon in critical Virgo, we might imagine
someone pointing out another person's shortcomings or what's wrong with a book, movie
or restaurant. But the word critical can also mean exact, as in "critical timing." Either
way, there's no room for sloppy thinking today, but we can get so picky that we lose sight
of our priorities. Luckily, the Moon's midday opposition to radical Uranus can jolt us out
of our narrow-minded thinking.

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Throughout time, the Moon has been a symbol of deep power and mystery. Legends and
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frightening force is unleashed with the Full Moon, to myths about the love between the
Sun and Moon, who chase each other across the sky. We are still enchanted by these tales
of love, betrayal and yearning.

The Moon has a story to offer to you as well. Your personalized Moon report can help you
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